Guitar and Bass Magazine Reviews the M-20 & D-20

Guitar and Bass Magazine recently reviewed the first models to come out of our California factory, and they were ready to put the all-solid mahogany guitars to the test!

On the M-20:

“In terms of sonic character, there’s a lot of charm, with a typically dry and woody all-mahogany directness. There are harmonic overtones aplenty, but fundamental frequencies are not overpowered and the M-20’s clarity and definition impress in standard and deeply dropped tunings.”

On the D-20:

“Volume, a huge frequency range, thunderous bass and understated power characterise the D-20’s tone. Even those of us who have never understood the aesthetic appeal of dreadnoughts would have to think again after one glorious strum. The term ‘piano-like’ is used occasionally to describe acoustic guitars. Assuming it to mean massive harmonic complexity, a sense of drama and scale, and a solidity of tone, the term is apposite here. The D-20 may lack the scything cut of a spruce top end, but it’s by no means dark sounding. In fact, it’s even richer and quicker to respond than the M-20.”

The Verdict:

The M-20 received an 8/10: “Perhaps a niche sort of guitar, but it’s packed with sonic charm and we love the retro looks.”

The D-20 received a 9/10: “The D-20 combines the huge bass and sheer power of a thoroughbred dreadnought with a fuller midrange and better frequency balance.”

Read the full review here. Learn more about the D-20 and M-20 here.

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