Guitarist Magazine Reviews the M-20 & D-20

We sent Guitarist Magazine an M-20 and D-20 to review, and we were nervous–they would one of the first magazines to review the first models to come out of our USA factory! Our were were all for naught, however. The guitars were a hit:

“Guild has celebrated its return to USA building with a flourish, reintroducing two models with a lot of history behind them. With all-mahogany guitars enjoying something of a renaissance, these will stand tall and speak loud. Build quality is tip-top and price point is very competitive for a premium-marque all-solid build.”

Check out the full article below!

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  1. Marco Tersigni
    Marco Tersigni says:

    I was lucky to get a new M20 several months back in the burst colour. It’s a great little guitar. Possibly one of the first to get one in Europe, no 34 from Rockystreet Sounds in NYC.

  2. Sean ODonnell
    Sean ODonnell says:

    I have the D20. It’s the finest guitar instrument I’ve had the pleasure of playing. Incredible sounds low to high. Action is perfect. Applause for CA Guild!

  3. Marty C.
    Marty C. says:

    I just purchased the M-20 and the reviews are right on the mark. It is a great sounding and high quaility guitar. The playability was what really has me excited about it.

  4. Betty
    Betty says:

    The few Guild Dealers in my area really don’t carry much. Have been looking for the USA made M-20E for awhile . Finally found ( one ) M-20 at Johnson String and had electronics installed. Lucky me , they had the one I wanted. .. Mahogany Natural color. This guitar is a keeper. Compact, great volume, wonderful sound/tone, easy to play, quality is there, nice neck, and looks beautiful. The case is fantastic & with a built in humitifier ! Every guitar case should have that ! ! The “case candy” was a nice plus. I’m a working musician and played my new M-20 at a gig this past weekend. Will be busking out with it also. Yes….Made To Be Played ! ! ! 🙂 Thank you Guild for coming back to the USA ! Can I register the guitar online?


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