Interview With Guild Artist Beabadoobee Ahead of Her Opening Slot on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Beatrice Laus, better known by her stage name beabadoobee, is an indie rock singer-songwriter who first hit the music scene in 2017 when her song “Coffee,” a tune she wrote on her Guild M-20, went viral online. Fast-forward a few years and a few billion streams later, this London-based 22 year old has quickly become one of the most prominent icons for this generation’s aspiring rockers.  

With a sound and style that is heavily influenced by ’90s alternative and grunge, beabadoobee has garnered worldwide attention with the release of 5 EP’s, 2 full-length albums, performances at Coachella and Glastonbury, and she’s now ready for her biggest stint yet: opening for Taylor Swift on the massive “Eras” tour. 

We sat down with Bea for a one-on-one interview to discuss her connection to her Guild M-20, and what it means to her to be opening up for Taylor on the Eras tour.

“I was 17 and the Guild [M-20] was one of the first guitars I ever picked up in a guitar shop. I named it Aubrey! It just fit me perfectly, and it was really easy to play.”

  • At what age did you start playing guitar? How were you introduced to the Guild M-20?

I was 17 and the Guild [M-20] was one of the first guitars I ever picked up in a guitar shop. I named it Aubrey! It just fit me perfectly, and it was really easy to play. I didn’t know the technicalities, but what I found charming about it was that you could play anything and it sounded just how I thought an acoustic guitar should sound in my head. And that was one really big thing for me, especially as a beginner guitarist. I couldn’t compare it to anything else.  

  • Is the M-20 a big part of your songwriting process?  

The Guild became pretty much an essential, right at the beginning. All of my songs, even the loud, full-band ones originated from an acoustic guitar. In my brain I would come up with these crazy drum fills or guitar solos, but it all originated while writing on the Guild.  

  • You released your latest album “Beatopia” a few months ago, what can you tell us about that record? How is it different from some of your previous material? 

I think Beatopia is much more open, sonically. I wanted to branch out into all sorts of genres, and not really stick to one like I did with [my last album] Fake It Flowers. I think new people who don’t necessarily listen to my music can enjoy the music on this album because every song is completely different, and I think that reflected a lot of how I was feeling at the time, and what I was listening to at the time. I always wanted to make a record that was very personal, but also open to interpretation. 

  • You’re opening for Taylor Swift on her Eras tour, what are you most excited for with that upcoming gig? 

The one thing I’m most excited about is watching Taylor! But also experiencing what it’s like to play for that many people, just having that opportunity is amazing for someone in my position. Taylor has always been so supportive of my music and been so supportive of upcoming female artists, and it’s really inspiring to see someone like her doing the most incredible things but then also offering the opportunities to young female artists. The first time I heard the news I almost cried. People have always said “if you could support anyone, who would it be?” – and I would always say Taylor Swift. So I feel like I definitely manifested it.