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Kurt Vile guitarist Steve Gunn was recently interviewed for Premier Guitar‘s January issue. When asked what guitars he used most on his 2014 album Way Out Weather, Gunn replied:

I mostly play a Guild guitar–a D-35 from 1970…Guilds are perfect for me: They’re well built but not expensive, and they sound so good and are especially easy to come by in the Northeast. I’ve been using them for a long time and will definitely continue to do so.

Check out this video of Gunn playing his D-35 for Fader below. And you can learn more about the Guild lineup of dreadnoughts on our website.


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  1. Tom Davis
    Tom Davis says:

    I purchased a Guild D-35 new for about $200 around 1970 and I still play it. I did have to have the neck repaired once many years ago, (for free under factory warranty) and it may not be the easiest guitar to play, but it has always had a great tone, very rich and strong in the bass especially. I love to open tune and it has been the perfect guitar for that. I plan on keeping it for another 45 years, assuming I live to be 107.


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