Guild Factory Update: And Then There Were Walls!

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to give you one last update on how things are progressing over at the Guild factory before we head into 2015. Things are starting to come together as the walls are constructed to house different stations in the guitar-making process. Machinery is being placed and materials are being stocked–all in preparation to start producing American-made Guilds again. We’re excited to share these before-and-after shots with you all, as well as more photos of recent construction below; keep checking back here for more updates in 2015!

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    As 2104 draws to a close, I find myself hoping and believing that a name with such an illustrious history will get the rebirth and revival it so richly deserves. Being in possession of three Westerly instruments and having a strong sense of brand loyalty, I wish you all Godspeed and good providence as you embark upon this important undertaking.

    • Brad
      Brad says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Guild name is right up there with Martin, Gibson and Taylor and for me if someone is going to use the Guild headstock it needs to be quality.

  2. John W
    John W says:

    Leave some space for a nice showroom, so we can all drop in for a visit and see and play what you’re building ! I understand the Taylor factory showroom is quite popular for that.

  3. David Weinberg
    David Weinberg says:

    On one of my linked-In groups a rather notable luthier commented on how Fender had developed the nasty habit of buying competitors and then sending the brand into the crapper….While the factory and employees in Connecticut couldn’t be saved, its nice to see that Guild will live on as an American made instrument. I’m thinking I’ve just found room among my guitars for one more quality instrument.

  4. Moe
    Moe says:

    I own one of the last D-55’s built in New Hartford. It is a custom Adirondack Spruce top model. I’ve owned and/or played many brands and types of guitars through the years and decided that it was finally time to get myself my dream acoustic guitar. I extensively played and researched Martins, Collings, Santa Cruz, Bourgeous, Taylors, Larrivees, Breedloves, Gibsons, Eastman, and a few others but none – could come close to the sound of a Guild D-55. I would say that the sound of my D-55 is so good that, playing and hearing it is much more of an experience than just listening to it. I could go on and on about it but let me just summarize by stating that the build quality and sound are extraordinary, Thank you Guild for the care you took to make my phenomenal guitar. All the best in your new home in Oxnard!

  5. David Lopes
    David Lopes says:

    Great that Cordoba bought the Guild brand from Fender. It’s certainly been a long strange trip! Once the new factory is ready, please consider doing something with Gil Diaz and Carlo Greco. They are the 2 remaining “Three Amigos” that built the brand and maintained the highest quality standards for so many years. Sadly, Fred Augusto passed away in July of 2014. While Carlo left in 1977, Gil stayed on in Westerly until 1987 and retired that year. He’s remained active repairing and restoring guitars over the years and has performed a lot of work for me since we met in 1997. I’m a player/collector who has Guild and Gibson guitars primarily. Gil is a good friend of mine and is now in his 80’s. I’m also aware that Gil still keeps in close contact with Carlo. Gil has told me so many great stories of his experiences with Guild – he was there for 28 years. The day that Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir visted the Hoboken factory is a memorable story – they had bare feet and were visably “stoned”. They had at least 20 or so people in their entourage!! He stood next to Al Dronge when he presented the “his and hers” Guild Acoustics to Les Paul and Mary Ford. Even though they had the Gibson endorsement, those were their favorate guitars to play around the house in Mahwah. There are many more…He’s looking to do something this year and has told me that he would absolutely consider some kind of collaboration with the new Guild company. It’s my opinion that doing something with Gil and Carlo would be a huge win for all involved and would generate a lot of excitement among Guild enthusiasts…Just think of the marketing opportunities that could come out of the stories these two could tell us!! I’d be happy to facilitate the contact – just use the email provided. All I need in return is the chance to purchase the guitar that you all come up with!!!

  6. Marc
    Marc says:

    I was called by Carlo Greco’s Son Friday evening with the sad news that Carlo passed earlier that morning. He was a true master of his craft, and a sweet man. I always enjoyed the stories and show and tell in his home. I will miss him a great deal.


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