Cutaway Guitar Magazine Reviews Two Guild Guitars

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Spanish publication Cutaway Guitar Magazine reviewed two Guild guitars in their most recent issue. We translated a few passages for all of the non-spanish speakers. If you’re a linguaphile, however, keep scrolling to read the articles in full!



 “This guitar is the flagship model of the Starfires, which you can tell by all of its features … its excellent playability, comfort, flawless finish, parts, and its great vintage look…It’s a great option that’s going to compete with a range of semi-hollow [guitars] around the 1,500€ range, where it’s undoubtedly going to put up a fight.” 

Check out Cutaway Guitar‘s demo of the Starfire VI:


 “This model is at the top of the dreadnoughts in the Westerly Collection, a guitar refined in its constructive details and premium materials, and it all shows from touch and sound quality…The worst part about this guitar? Having to give it back.”

Check out Cutaway Guitar‘s demo of the D-150CE:

Learn more about the Starfire VI here; learn more about the D-150CE here

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  1. Larry Chisholm
    Larry Chisholm says:

    Hello Guild Guitars, I am a proud owner of Guild D-55 made in Hartford, CT 11/13/13 and a Guild JF65-12 made in Westerly, RI 9/17/80 or 1981. I am happy for Ren Ferguson to carry on and look over to continue making the best guitars in the world! When will you start making the D-55, F512, F412, and I believe F55? The USA models that a lot of Guild lovers out there want to see and hear! I am one of the Guild lovers out there so make us HAPPY!! Please reply! Loving to hear from you!!


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