#AskRen Round 2


It’s time again for another installment of #AskRen! Last time, VP of R&D and Manufacturing Ren Ferguson answered a few of our burning questions about new production plans, and revealed one of his hobbies outside of guitar-making. We enjoyed reading through your comments and questions, and we picked a few out of the bunch to address here!

Without further ado:

From Taylor: Guild has had a history of closing factories. What, in your opinion, will make Oxnard different? 

Ren: Guild has moved over the last 10 or more years, true enough. Not all the moves seem to make sense, but our team eventually had the opportunity to purchase Guild and do justice to a once iconic brand. You all may have different opinions about the quality of the product over this past period, but I will throw in my two cents and say that the Guilds made at the New Hartford facility are and will be some of the finest ever built. That said, this most recent relocation has set the bar even higher. We’ll see Guild, once again, as active as it once was—committed to the customer and always doing our best!

From Gregory: I’m a big fan of the Guild Bluesbird, any plans on producing some with exotic wood tops like White or black limba, zebrawood or spalted maple etc.? 

Ren: Once the factory has worked out the associated issues of the move and guitars are moving through at the rate with which we feel comfortable again, we will indeed be offering some intriguing custom models. We’ll also start encouraging custom orders from our fans!

From John W.: What price point do you think Guild could be most successful in?

Ren: Guild was always an undervalued guitar company, and when materials were cheap, they managed to keep prices well below the rest of the pack. Today, you will see Guilds offered at a fair and reasonable rate that reflects the costs associated with manufacturing in today’s market.

We’ve loved seeing what you’re all curious to learn more about, so please keep submitting your questions in the comment section below! We’ll continue to check back regularly and address the most popular topics in future posts.

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  1. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    Hi Ren –

    I am the proud owner of a Guild GSR X-180, number 6, I bought in 2013. I did not like the lighter gauge strings it came with. Consequently, I had heavy jazz strings installed – Gauges 13-17-21-28-39-53. It took several tries for the tech to get the neck and action somewhat close to what I like. Since I live close to Oxnard, would it be possible for me to bring my guitar for you to double check the settings for me?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Chuck Groel

    • guildadmin
      guildadmin says:

      Hi Karen,
      Go ahead and submit your questions here on our website! We will be posting more rounds of answers in the upcoming months.

  2. Dean Coy
    Dean Coy says:

    Will the “new” Guild issue the Chris Hillman Byrds Starfire One Bass that had made it to the proto-type stage before Guild was purchased?

  3. JoeW
    JoeW says:

    Speaking of the Starfire bass, are there plans to fix the bridge problem of the height adjusting screws blocking the saddle travel?

  4. Stefan
    Stefan says:


    I like to play jazz and blues and rock. Can you recommend me a special guild e guitar-type,
    I like them all.

    Best greedings from Germany

  5. Pete
    Pete says:

    I have a 2012 D-40 Bluegrass Jubilee. It looks as if you are not making these now. It is a great guitar. Are you going to bring these back? If so, when? Thanks.

  6. John Wood
    John Wood says:

    My brother and I have been great Guild fans for a long time, and I have just received a Guild Orpheum Jumbo that still has me reeling in amazement. What a Magic guitar!! And I bought this without having had a chance to try one as they are few and far between here in the UK. My question is: Will Ren and Guild be building more of this fantastic series?!
    I want my brother to try one out— this resonant bundle of beautiful wood will steal his heart away. Cheers!

  7. Don Littlejones
    Don Littlejones says:

    Hi Wren. A question from GSR mosels from New Hartford. I have just had the privilege of purchasing a GSR F30 Maple guitar from my previous Guild dealer.. Bobby Lalonde music in Hawkesbury, Ontario.He is mainly a Gibson and Larivee dealer but also being a Fender dealer, he had this in his store.No one knew it was there. I spotted it last April and decided to purchase it a couple of weeks ago, before it disappeared. My question is….was it possible for this instument to leave the factory with a pickguard…… as this model was not supposed to have one. I was concerned that it had been ” modified “, but both Bobby and the Fender district rep assured me that it came from the factory like that. It is an amazing instument. Both my instructor and myself cannot believe some of the harmonics that are produced. I have it registered on the Guild registration site.

  8. Mr. Lasse J. Nordvik
    Mr. Lasse J. Nordvik says:

    I have two little questions:
    1: Is there a chance Guild might reissue some of the hyper-cool hardrock-oriented solid bodies from the 80’s,like the Nova,Skyhawk and BladeRunner?
    2: Are there any plans for a full custom shop service like former parent company Fender has where a customer can order one-off built to order instruments?

  9. david
    david says:

    Hi, I love the idea of the M20 being Guild’s first acoustic out of the new factory. When do you think they’ll be available for sale to the public? For what it’s worth, I’m a buyer, sight unseen, day of release!

  10. Marc Petersen
    Marc Petersen says:

    I thought I was going to be able to buy an Orpheum 12-fret dreadnought, but I didn’t act fast enough. Does Guild plan to build customs, now, in Oxnard? Or is that too far a stretch for the current business model? Guild seems to have had a hard time being consistent over the last ten years or so. I can’t figure it out. How come Gibson and Martin keep going, and other “micro” brands have their own secure places in the now once-again burgeoning acoustic guitar market? Like Collings and Huss and Dalton and many others? Thank you.

  11. dave
    dave says:

    Will the new american guilds be using Nitro finish? I heard only the BIG names were able to use Nitro since it can be quite dangerous.

  12. Joe Nappi
    Joe Nappi says:

    Ren: I have a 63 or 64 Guild CA-100B. I have read that there were only 4 models made in Blonde natural. is that true?? Also, there is a small burn mark on the ivory banding whick looks somewhat melted. Does it pay to have this repaired, as it does not affect the tonality of the guitar. Who would you recommend. I am in Long island New York.


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