Two Guilds Included in Premier Guitar’s New Gear Showcase


Two Guild guitars were included in Premier Guitar‘s New Gear Showcase: the Starfire II ST on the electric side, and the OM-240E representing Guild acoustics. Click here to see Guild in the New Gear roundup–we’re in good company!

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  1. Michael Worsley
    Michael Worsley says:

    After years of bouncing from state to state under Fender ownership, hopefully you are independent and settled in Oxnard, though having said that, with electric guitar production seemingly sited in Asia, is there an Oxnard custom shop in operation? More worryingly, since the Cordoba takeover the Artist Award and Johnny Smith models — the best production guitars in the World bar none — have disappeared from manufacture. Is this a temporary thing whilst finances are sorted out, do you promise they are to resume, or have we much more to worry about? The truth please. Yours extremely sincerely,

  2. Bob Ackerman
    Bob Ackerman says:

    Guild Starfire 3
    Great guitar, I know. Yes. I still have my 1966 Starfire 3 .Just like the one in the picture, the big difference is .I played the Hell out of mine. The amazing thing is, some of the frets are wore all the way down, but the board is scalloped and it still plays pretty much in key, LOL. Hard to believe, but true. I bought it new in 1968, also bought a Fender Twin Reverb, the guitar is a 1966 must had been waiting 2 years for someone to buy it. The amp is a 1967, yup Blackface. Yes, I still have both of them. I would have never guest, what some of those old guitars are worth. Original case. I still play it. I have a few other guitars, but this one has a lot of memories. May Rock & Roll and Guild Guitars live forever. Bob Ackerman , CT.

  3. Bruce Bentley
    Bruce Bentley says:

    What is the difference in quality now compared to the late 60s I had two Starfire’s the green one and the red one loved them


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