Guitarist Magazine Includes Starfire V, F-512 in annual “Gear of the Year”


Guitarist magazine certainly has a bit of a love affair with the Guild Starfire V, with two separate editors adding it to their “Gear of the Year” list. Content Editor Chris Vinnicombe says, “It costs less than half of the price of an ES-335, but it doesn’t punch in a lower weight category when it comes to vintage vibe and tonal charms.”

Also included in the acoustics portion of the “Gear of the Year” breakdown is the Guild F-512, which Guitarist praises as “one of those dream guitars you have to have in your collection if that big ol’ jangly strummy business is what you love: wonderful.”

Check out Guitarist‘s original review of the Starfire V here, and be sure to pick up Guitarist‘s latest issue to catch the full reviews!


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