Grand Gtrs Reviews Westerly Collection Jumbos


Grand Gtrs Magazine recently reviewed both the Guild F-150 and F-1512, and writer Peter Hirsch seemed quite impressed by the quality and value of the Westerly Collection. For our German fans, keep scrolling to read the whole review; for our English speakers–a few highlights below!

Tonally, the F-150 offers everything you would expect from a Guild jumbo: a strong and beautiful deep bass, a brilliant treble– a very characteristic sound. When fingerpicking, it responds easily and is uncompressed. Despite it’s strong treble, the F-150 never sounds harsh, even when played dynamically. I have to say, I’ve rarely heard the sound produced by the Guild F-150 in this price range.

The F-150 is pretty damn close to the standards of the USA-Fmanufactured sister models, which are costing at least twice as much, if not more. For anyone looking for a professional sound at an affordable price, the Westerly Collection guitars are a definite recommendation.


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