Gitarist Magazine Reviews the Westerly Collection OM-140 CE and the M-140!

European magazine Gitarist recently published a review of the OM-140CE and the M-140, both from our recently-released Westerly Collection. Both guitars received rave reviews, but Gitarist reviewer Oscar Timans was particularly smitten with the OM-140CE. He writes, “This (OM-140CE SB, RE) is a flawlessly built instrument, where construction and finishing leaves nothing, absolutely nothing, to be desired. Intonation, topnut, saddle, frets and tuners–everything is tiptop. It is not a contest, but I dare to say that this Guild (OM-140CE SB, RE) is one of the best guitars in its price range and can even stand its ground in higher price ranges.”

His conclusion holds perhaps his most ringing endorsement:

For the looks, the build quality, the finishing, the included case, the excellent playability and the sharp price, Guild deserves praise. And on top of that, the OM-140CE has an impressively excellent sound. It’s fantastic to see how the bar has raised, this time by Guild, so guitarists get more and more for their money.

Keep scrolling to read the whole review (if you speak Dutch, that is!) and to see a demo of the OM-140CE’s cousin, the OM-140, as well as the M-140.

Learn more about the Guild OM-140CE or M-140. Click here to see the entire Westerly collection!







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