Dealer Spotlight: Rocktown Music, St. Cloud, Minn.

No other music store will rock your world like Rocktown Music in St. Cloud, Minn.

Founded in 2009, the 2,400-square-foot guitar haven carries more than 400 acoustic and electric guitars, making it the perfect destination for rockers and acoustic players alike.

Owner Joel Knutson says he’s proud of what his shop offers.

“We have a great, serious guitar selection,” he said. “Although we carry drums, pianos and band instruments, we decided to specialize in guitars.”

A full-fledged guitar player and collector, Knutson has a strong penchant for the instrument that’s especially noticeable when he’s talking about Guild.

“I love Guild guitars; they’re the best thing for the buck,” he said. “They’re lifelong instruments, and some of the oldest models around out-perform new guitars from other brands.”

Knutson boasts a personal Guild collection of more than 15 distinctive models, including a 1969 F-212, a 1972 D-25 and a rare four-string CE-100. His collection is so fine, in fact, that Mark Dronge, son of Guild founder Al Dronge, personally inquired about a few of the models.

“I’ve got so many Guilds that Mark called me to ask about a specific model in my collection,” Knutson said. “I have so many that it’s hard for me to even remember what I have.”

Knutson’s preference for Guild is apparent on entering Rocktown. He has devoted an entire wall to the brand and made it his store’s main acoustic guitar line.

So if you’re a Guild fanatic looking for Guild guitars sold by a true Guild connoisseur, your best bet in the upper Midwest is Rocktown Music.

Rocktown Music
305 3rd St. N.E.
Waite Park, Minn. 56387