Big & Rich Nominated for American Country Music Award

Country act Big & Rich were one of last night’s nominees for an American Country Music Award. Unfortunately, they were edged out by Thompson Square but it reminded us of how much we like this video for faith-based hit “That’s Why I Pray” off 2012’s Hillbilly Jedi.

In an interview with Kevin Davis, John Rich explained what led to writing this song.

“I think ‘That’s Why I Pray’ takes on issues that you don’t typically hear about in songs. It comes right at it, right out of the box,” said Rich. “When you are in Country music or any type of music outside of Christian music, you really have to be careful how you say things because you don’t want to seem like you are preaching at people. Those songs may not get listened to on Country radio. I think this song comes at the subject from the right point of view that pretty much everyone can relate to, regardless of politics, religion or background. Pretty much everybody wakes up in the morning afraid to turn on the news and afraid of what is happening in the world that seems completely out of control. You can do all the charity work in the world, give all the money you can, tithe 100 percent if you want to, and there’s still things going on that are out of our control. The only thing you can do about it is pray. We need to pray that things will get better and believe that they will get better.”