#AskRen Round 3

We know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting another rousing round of #AskRen, and we’re happy to reveal the next batch of questions! Let’s get right to it:

Is there a chance that Guild might reissue some of the hyper-cool hardrock-oriented solid bodies from the 80’s, like the Nova, Skyhawk and BladeRunner?

Not right away. There’re so many projects in front of those that have larger appeal that we’re taking the ones with the greatest backlog of interest and orders. I can tell you that some of the solid-body models that Guild fans would consider no-brainers are definitely at the top of the list, but those do not specifically include the three models you mentioned. I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t just yet. Just keep checking back with us—there’s so much in the works!

Are there any plans for a full custom shop service like former parent company Fender had, where a customer could order one-off build-to-order instruments?

Very much so, but it will take a team of graduated builders, and that’ll be minimum a year from now. In the future, after the factory is up and running for a year, we should be ready to build those upper-end, custom guitars.

How many Guild guitars are you hoping to build a day once the factory is fully functional?

That’s hard a hard question because production will never stop. The only limit will be sales. When we start and when we feel that the factory is running at a consistent rate, it’ll be 5 a day, and then 7 a day, and 10 a day–it’ll just get better and better. The response we received at NAMM was so overwhelmingly positive that we’ve all got stars in our eyes. At first, everyone thought this was a cool idea, but now that we have a plan in place, everyone wants to participate.

Need to catch up on all of our #AskRen posts? You can find them here. And we’ll be gathering questions for the next round of #AskRen, so be sure to post your questions in the comments below!

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  1. Chris van Eyck
    Chris van Eyck says:

    Hi Ren,

    My question is for the Orpheum models. What new models are you planning, and how do they differ (if at all) from the ones produced thus far?

    I have a beautiful Orpheum Orchestra in Mahogany/sunburst, and I am continually amazed by that guitar-one of the very best I’ve ever played!

  2. David Owens
    David Owens says:

    It’s great to see Mr. Ferguson where he should be – at the center of a creative and distinctive force. He’s already legendary among us guitar players (and collectors) and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the new M20s when they come out!

    David Owens

  3. Gene Gordner
    Gene Gordner says:

    I have an F-512 I’ve owned since new in 1975. It has had a hard life of continuous duty, much of it in in-climate weather. I am in need of finish repair and fret work along with action tuning and truss rod adjustments. When will you have personnel in place that I can trust to refurbish my Guitar. I don’t want it to look new, just strong and serviceable.

    • Greg Piette
      Greg Piette says:

      Dear Gene:

      You’ve struck one of our main credo chords here. Making vintage quality instruments playable again, or if possible more playable than when they were knew. I you’d like to talk just dial up my shop in North Carolina. You may be very pleasantly surprised.


  4. john geidl
    john geidl says:

    My first Guild was a D-50 I bought in 1975 my latest is a 2013 GSR Starfire VI . I now have 5 guilds and they are all amazing guitars. My next Guild will most likely be a F-30 when I am ready. I wish you all the best with your new location and know you will be building some of the best guitars around.
    Thanks John

  5. guitarguy247@gmail.com
    guitarguy247@gmail.com says:

    Hi To “The Great” Ren! What “Ren Magic” do you have in mind for Guilds top of the line 12 String!….Best….Peter from Mandolin Brothers!….

  6. Max Vander Linden
    Max Vander Linden says:

    I have one of the last Fender Boxed 14 fret Mahogany Orpheum. I love it I have two bows in the fret board but my tech will clear that up. I have wanted a Guild since being a teenager in the 60’s Bring em back with love!

  7. Jack Kimball
    Jack Kimball says:

    Great news that Guild is stepping up the game. Does anyone have any idea as to where I can land a D-44, circa 1974- 1976 in a maroon or wine color? I have been looking for too many years with no success. Any help will be so appreciated.

  8. JJAC
    JJAC says:

    I have one of the early Guild M20’s 1963 from Hoboken. I have had it since new. The early guitars had mahogany bracing. What a sound. Will the new M20’s have mahogany bracing and when will it be available?

    Thank You

  9. Erin Cohen Loughnet
    Erin Cohen Loughnet says:

    I have a 1973 D25M, I am the orginal owner and adore my guitar..its an amazing instrument and many friends with more expensive guitars (Martins etc.) have offered to trade me for it! Great sound!!! Recently even though I’ve taken great pains to keep humidity at recommended levels a crack along the seam on the curved area when you rest the guitar has developed. .several years ago I contacted Guild and asked about a repair under the warranty. I was told it would take 6 to 9 months and to send it to Rhode Island ! Don’t want to void my warranty but that’s way too long..what do you suggest I do? I live in the Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania area …can’t I take it to a local luthier? Do you subcontract out the repairs? Would be grateful for your help! Thanks

  10. David Breault
    David Breault says:

    Am breathlessly awaiting delivery of my brand-new Orpheum 12 Fret Slope-Shoulder Dreadnaught. I played an Antique Natural at a local dealer, but have had my heart set on the Sunburst. How many Guilds have I owned? Hmmm… there was the D-40, terribly treated, but sounded great (my first hint that this was a brand to stay with!), my ’65 Starfire VI, my ’63 M-65, my GAD 50 and now the Mighty Orpheum.
    The posted photos of your new California factory look intriguing. God bless your efforts!

  11. Andrew Al-Adwani
    Andrew Al-Adwani says:

    Dear Mr Ferguson,

    I have been fortunate enough to own a dozen or so Gibson acoustics. Recently, I bought an 00 signed by you and
    described as a “Pre-war L/00”. See:


    What surprises me was how heavy it seems (compared to all the other Gibson acoustics I’ve played). Even more surprising, is that it is far and away the richest sounding guitar of its size, and puts many larger guitars to shame. While running Guild, will you be building anything of a similar nature? I hope you find the time to drop me a line.

  12. Larry Chisholm
    Larry Chisholm says:

    Hello Ren, I was looking in the Guild Shop and I see only 1 (one) Guild guitar strap. I was wondering if you are going to have more different kinds? A little more fancier! It will cost more, I understand! I am looking for one to have for my new D-55 Guild Guitar! Please reply!! Larry Chisholm of Saginaw, MI

  13. Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones says:

    Hello Ren,

    Can you tell us how many millimeters thick was the target for the Gibson 1942 Legend J-45 adirondack spruce top? How many millimeters thick was the top on the prototype J-45 Banner guitar of Eldon Whitford?


  14. Jimmy J
    Jimmy J says:

    Hello Ren,

    What thickness in millimeters was the top of the Gibson J-45 Legend thinned to? What was the top thickness on the original 1942 Banner J-45 used as the model?


  15. Donald Littlejones
    Donald Littlejones says:

    Hi Ren. I am wondering if you will continue with the F512. I have a GSR F30 Maple from N.H. It is an amazing instument. I would like my next purchase to be an F512 from CAL..

  16. Lyle Stedman
    Lyle Stedman says:

    With Guild have a long standing history of balanced tone and volume, What steps are you taking to ensure that this tradition continues. Will there be a larger domestic build than offshore build? The offshore build is affordable and I enjoy my GAD 40 CE but having played a D-55 recently there is a significant difference in feel, response and tone.

  17. Marten Kross
    Marten Kross says:


    Would the new American made M20 be available with scalloped bracing and 1 3/4 nut?
    I own an Hartford made (2009) F30 Aragon and love the sound of this instrument. But I’m also
    a fan of mahogany guitars and would like a wider fretboard for fingerstyle playing. If the
    1 3/4 neck will be available I will be interested in both the M20 and F20 🙂

  18. Dan Green
    Dan Green says:

    I have a M-20 s/n 34003 that was bought for me about 1963, Hackensack, NJ. I was seven yrs. old. Was damaged in 2000 flood. I now live in Birmingham, AL. I would like to have it repaired/restored. Can you advise me please.

  19. John Lynch
    John Lynch says:

    Deciding between a Martin D-18 or this new D-20. Love Guild. Does the D-20 have bone bridge pins in addition to the bone saddle? Or, are they ivory plastic? Thank you and I wish you all the best in Ca. If I had the skills of my father who is a Master wood refinisher ( unbelievable old world skills ), I would be working at Guild. I applied for the heck anyways? Thank you.

  20. Mike
    Mike says:

    I’ve purchased (new) a Guild D140 which has a compensated saddle.I have several questions: Because of the compensated saddle I see that the strings appear to be slightly out of sync( looking downward as I sit with guitar in playing position) which produces an uneven strum. Is the saddle made particularly for ‘my’ guitar or is it a generic saddle for all D140’s? I also play a Guild D25, 1971, which has always had a non-compensated saddle and plays just fine.

    This new D140 finger and flat picks okay but barring isn’t nearly as accurate as I believe it should be. I’m considering a change of saddle – any opin

  21. D. Davenport
    D. Davenport says:

    Please help…..can I install the Schaller rolling bridge ….onto a Dearmond – starfire special…????
    I know the distance between the (center of the) posts of the replacement bridge is; 74.0…
    I need to be sure the starfire’s bridge posts….are the same distance. Need to know soon. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

    • David Breault
      David Breault says:

      I was able to drop in a Schaller roller bridge on my Stafire VI with no problem. However, along with knowing bridge post distance, also get a bridge with the matching fretboard radius of your Dearmond. This evens out the action on your fretboard. Good luck!

  22. David Breault
    David Breault says:

    Hello Ren,
    Do you have an update for an estimated time of arrival for the new F-512? The website has been really vague for more than a year now.
    I bought a Starfire VI and an Orpheum Slope Shoulder 12 Fret Dreadnaught new, and both are jaw-droppingly great! I’d particularly love to duet with someone on my Orpheum with a Jackson Browne Signature Gibson. THAT would be a lot of fun!


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