The Shins Perform Private Show For KCRW

The Shins were recently in the Los Angeles area, and KCRW wrangled the James Mercer-led band for a show in front of an intimate live audience at Apogee’s Berkley St. Studios.

Not only did The Shins perform songs off their latest album, Port of Morrow, but classics such as “New Slang” and “Australia” made the cut.

The first single off Port, “Simple Song,” was definitely a highlight.

In an interview with KCRW DJ Jason Bentley, Mercer explained that “Simple Song” began as two rhythms that counter each other.  The lyrics came naturally after that.

“That song actually I came up with that thing basically just what I was doing and I was sitting there and my wife was there with me and I just sort of started writing about her and writing about our life and stuff,” Mercer said.  “It was right when we were really building the nest, you know, and getting ready to have kids and stuff.”

Check out “Simple Song” in the video below:

For more information and to view the new video for “The Rifle’s Spiral,” visit The Shins’ official website.

And, click here to read a transcript of the entire Mercer interview and performance.