Starfire II ST Featured in Guitarist Magazine


We launched the Starfire II ST at Winter NAMM 2016, and it’s been a hit! Guitarist Magazine reviewed the newest addition to the Starfire line and had some pretty positive words to say about this affordably priced Newark St. guitar. Here are a few of the highlights:

“This II remains light but, importantly, well balanced, both seated and strapped on. Its thinline depth makes it far more manageable than a full-depthed archtop, yet from the first strum we’re greeted with more than enough acoustic volume for solo practice and a sustain tail that sits between the shorter snap of a fully hollow guitar or the longer, more solidbody-like sustain character of a centre-blocked semi…Anyone who’s working in classic jazz, soul or blues idioms will have a friend here.”

“Through a Vox AC10, nicely cranked, it’s Jackwhite/alt-rock heaven: gnarly and viscous. Open-tuned with a slide and we’re straight back to Chicago, where you’re in good company: many bluesmen–not least Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Robert Lockwood Jr.–were Starfire users.”

“Guild’s Newark St. line is well focused: lots of vintage-like detail, but with today’s consistency and perfectly aimed at the modern player in terms of sounds and playability. The Starfire II comes in as the most affordable Guild ‘semi’ to date, and although not centre-blocked, is not fully hollow, either. Throw in those great-sounding pickups on a lightweight, balanced chassis and you have, pus simply, a very good, musical guitar that would suit any jazz-studying player, new-age bluesman or those of us crossing genres with a 50s or 60s aesthetic in mind, both visually and sonically. A class act for the working guitarist.”

See the full article below, followed by their video review. Learn more about the Starfire II here.





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  1. Billy
    Billy says:

    While not specifically stating such, the article suggests the Starfire II is available in a natural matte finish in addition to gloss. The pictures in the article are of a guitar with natural matte finish, so it obviously exists. Is natural matte indeed an option and, if so, does it go by a different or modified product name, like the Starfire II Limited or some such? I want this guitar in natural matte.

  2. James Parfitt
    James Parfitt says:

    I bought one of the starfire 2 reissues. I love this guitar! When I first picked it up, it felt great, and looked classic. But the sound was really unique. I actually have a small collection of archtops, but the starfire has a unique sound that I love. When I first played it, I had to check the amp for fx and the guitar too…but nothing. It just sounds…different. Very jazzy, yet with a sweet sort of overdriven sound. I bought it in the spot, and it’s a keeper. It’s not gretsch, not johnny Smith, not ibanez, not Reverend, it’s really unique. I’d say they nailed it with these pickups.
    Great axe!!! Jim p. In Seattle.


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