NAMM 2018 Recap!

We started 2018 off with a bang at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim. Electrics, acoustics, basses–we had something new for every type of player in our new, expanded booth space.

One of the biggest buzz-makers was the newly reissued Jetstar, available in Seafoam Green, Black, and Vintage White. On the acoustic side, we also launched the F-55, an all-solid jumbo out of our California factory. Low-end lovers, fear not! The Starfire Bass II in Flamed Maple made its beautiful, striking debut as well.

Along with all of these exciting new launches were tons of performances by our talented Guild artists, including Lari Basilio, Shane Alexander, Dylan McGee Jones and Hyps.

Keep scrolling to get the inside scoop on all things NAMM 2018!

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  1. Richard De Young
    Richard De Young says:

    You are off to a very slow start. Where is the F-512-12? I’ve been waiting three years. Have you seen what Martin and Taylor have been doing? I have! Thanks Ren, and I bought one of your first J-2000’s. Guild has become a footnote in My guitar history.

  2. Bernie
    Bernie says:

    Hey Folks;

    Just bought a new F-30 here in France (not the”Aragon” model) at a very good price : real nice and perfectly set up. They had it for a while I think, but it really plays well…
    Didn’t find it on the website : would love to have full specs and details (was made un New Hampshire). I will dedicate this guitare to practice first, and live work as soon as I have some milke and preamp installed (they’re made to be played aren’t they..?). Much better than my (ex) second stage guitar, much cheaper than my first but it has its own way…
    Nice one thanks !


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