More Than “The Same Old-Same Old”: Vintage Guitar Magazine Reviews the S-200 T-Bird

Another magazine chimes in on the newly reissued S-200 T-Bird. Verdict: it’s Vintage Guitar approved!

Keep scrolling to read the full review. Learn more about the T-Bird here.


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  1. Eric Penrod
    Eric Penrod says:

    Bought my S 200 a cpl months ago…. had my eye on a fender 60’s lacquer jazzmaster….went to GC and played one and was a little dissapointed with the overall quality…especially the neck and fret finish… then I spied the S 200 on the wall.. took it down and played for a bit and was blown away with the fit,finish, sound as well as the “look”
    the frets were finished so nice and smooth, bone nut and neck thru body…. and was priced less than the fender! I took home a Black T-Bird w/ the LB1’S …I am always wanting to change and upgrade thing on all my guitars….. not this one….all I did was set it up to my liking and I don’t want to change anything….. Thank you Guild for making Killer affordable guitars!


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