M-120 E and F-130 CE Reviewed by Guitar Interactive!

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Two Guild acoustics were recently reviewed by Lewis Tuner and Guitar Interactive Magazine. First up was the M-120E, of which Turner writes, “Mahogany tends to offer warmth, depth, with a midrange heavy voice, and I found this the case with the M-120, making it ideal for finger picked blues style playing, and country strumming. Despite its size, this guitar still resonates well and delivers a fair amount of acoustic volume, once again thanks to the quality wood and build”

On the F-130 CE, Turner writes, “The spruce top brings back some of the highs…this makes for a very balanced instrument with a good tonal palette, capable of many different musical styles.”

In conclusion, Turner states that the M-120E and the F-130 CE are both “top notch acoustic guitars offering high build quality and great tone.”

So what are you waiting for? Find a dealer today and try out these guitars.

See the full issue of Guitar Interactive Magazine here.


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