Guitar Player Reviews the Guild Starfire ST Maple



Guitar Player recently reviewed the new Guild Starfire IV ST Maple in their July 2015 issue, and they seem quite smitten! Writes Dave Hunter:

This 2015 Starfire IV ST Maple was immediately reminiscent of two vintage Starfires I’d owned in the past, with the seemingly contradictory blend of semi-hollow snappiness and roundness familiar to players of good 335-style guitars. There’s an upper-midrange bite that is characteristic of these low-wind humbuckers, and with the amp’s gain ramped up for moderate dirt, the neck pickup was thick and creamy with just a little edge to help notes stay well defined–very reminiscent of tones Buddy Guy used to achieve on similar guitars.

Hunter also praises the Starfire IV ST for its faithfulness “to the 60s Starfire IV in spirit, look and feel,” calling it a “versatile semi-acoustic that makes a great alternative to an ES-335” and has no concerns regarding construction, tone, playability or aesthetics.

Check out our website for more information on the Starfire ST Maple (and to see more color options!). And in case you don’t subscribe to Guitar Player, here’s a sneak peek at our current ad!


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  1. Chris O'Brien
    Chris O'Brien says:

    I sure wish there was a video where all the Starfires were played through the same amp. I want a Maple IV ST – badly – but worry I’ll wish I’d saved up a bit more for the V or VI.

    Any chance?


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