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Ultimate cool-kid Joe from New Jersey asked the Make-a-Wish Foundation for his very own Phil Lesh bass. We were so excited and honored to be a part of the process by donating a Starfire Bass II, which Alembic then modified to match Lesh’s iconic Grateful Dead-era bass.

While we’d like to say that the Starfire Bass II was the coolest part of the wish, we have to admit that Lesh signing the inside of the electronics cavity takes the cake.

“I can’t say enough about Make-A-Wish, Guild guitars and especially the folks at Alembic, who arranged for Joe’s favorite musician to sign his new bass—such great organizations,” said Joe’s dad.

We hope Joe enjoys jamming on his Guild/Alembic bass; we’re sure he’ll be giving Lesh a run for his money in no time.

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  1. Zal
    Zal says:

    How can I make a wish?
    I LOVED the Byrds with their new take on Rock and would LOVE a Bass like Chris Hilmans
    Can I make a wish, too?!

    • Guild Guitars
      Guild Guitars says:

      Make-a-Wish Foundation approached us about helping make this wish come true. You can read more about the amazing work that they do here!

  2. Geoffrey Fourmyle
    Geoffrey Fourmyle says:

    I saw The Dead play AS ONE BAND with the Allman Brothers in Piedmont (Atlanta) Park after the first Atlanta Pop festival in 1967. Lesh played his Guild/Alembic and Berry Oakley played his Precision with a Guild humbucker at the neck. I traded my Gibson EB3 for a fretless Starfire and I still have it! Lesh and Guild are the GREATEST.


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