Guild Luthier Ren Ferguson Featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine!

Ren Ferguson, Vice President of Manufacturing and R&D here at Guild Guitars, was recently featured in the “Movers and Shakers” section of Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  In the piece, Ren talks about his early days at Westchester Music, his stint in the Navy, and how he got his big break. You can check out the full article below, but here’s a short excerpt on the move of the Guild factory to Oxnard we particularly enjoyed:

(Ren) is excited to work from the ground up, starting with the return of the American-made M-20, a modest all-mahogany offering. “We’ll be using premium tonewoods to recapture the beautiful simplicity of the original design,” Ferguson says. “I think guitar connoisseurs will be excited, but most important, this will be the kind of guitar that people just long to play and to make beautiful music on.”


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  1. joe szymanski
    joe szymanski says:

    Howdy Folks, …I am so proud to say that I own a Banner Model,Ren Ferguson Custom Shop built Gibson, acoustic, lefty, that has become my mainstay 6-string…..even though, my Guild D 55 is more consistent in staying in tune, the sound of the square shouldered, (Hummingbird), is so sweet, it is a pure joy to play….I know there is no such thing as a Square Shouldered Banner Hummingbird, this a hybrid, that is still signed by Ren, and my pride and joy, and it has no dollar amount attached to it. …Thank You, Ren, and it still is filled with songs yet un-played.


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