Dealer Spotlight: Guitars of Montana

Guild guitars recently chatted with Mr. Bing Schmitt from Guitars of Montana for the story behind his music shops and his take on Guild products.

Ten years ago, Bing and Pam Schmitt founded Guitars of Montana in Stanford, Mont., – a rural community with a population of 400. Business was booming, and the couple eventually opened two more locations, Wicks Guitars in Lewiston (operated by renowned luthier Brian Wicks), and another location also named Guitars of Montana in downtown Great Falls.

All three locations are thriving, and Schmitt assured he couldn’t do it without his stellar employees.

“If I didn’t have the staff I have, there’d be no way to pull it off,” he said. “The staff around here is what makes the company work.”

The employees at his stores are seasoned musicians with old town values and a sunny disposition to lend a helping hand.

“We’re a rural-based society, and we grew up in the ranching business,” said Schmitt. “That leans over into our music business. It’s the help-your-neighbor kind of thing, and it helps our customers understand where we’re coming from.”

However, the secret to the Schmitt’s success is twofold. First, their knowledgeable staff, and second, the high quality of musical instruments they have to offer.

Guitars of Montana’s premium selection of instruments features Guild guitars, including several 12-string models, which Schmitt considers to be the crème of the crop.

“Twelve-string Guilds are the Rolls-Royce of twelve string guitars,” said Schmitt. “Discerning musicians realize that the American Guild 12-string guitar is the instrument to step into when you’re really serious about getting that full 12-string tone. There’s no doubt about it.”

And although the Schmitt’s have plenty of choices when it comes to stocking up with inventory, they choose Guild.

“Guild guitars are some of the best guitars built in America today,” said Schmitt. “They’re just very good instruments, and they’re a joy to play, and that’s why we’re with them and have them as our American heavy-hitters.”

Visit Bing and Pam Schmitt’s shops at any of the three locations below:

Guitars of Montana, 94 Central Ave, Stanford, MT 59479 Phone (406) 566-2223

Wicks Guitars, 206 West Main, Lewiston, MT 59457 Phone (406) 538-3872

Guitars of Montana, 2 5th Street South, Great Falls, MT 59401 Phone (406) 453-4998