Guild Around the Globe: Spain and Argentina

Guild is an American heritage brand, but we’re dedicated to making sure musicians all over the world have access to a Guild guitar!

We recently visited our friends at Hendrix Music in Buenos Aires this past month, sharing a few of our favorite models. Mattias Telis and Pablo Motyczak helped demonstrate some beautiful Guild electrics, basses and acoustics– including a few brand new Guild USA models.

Over on the European continent, we met with the staff and recording crew of Cutaway Guitar Magazine ahead of their review on the F-55. Guild rep Vicente demoed a California-made Guild jumbo, proving himself to be the ultimate company man! Vicente and Guild President, Jonathan Thomas, also spent some time with Spanish dealer Musimaster to get the 411 on the customer experience in Spain.

Curious if a Guild representative will be stopping by near your neck of the woods? Check out our event calendar here.