Billy Duffy

Throughout the ’80s, into the ’90s, and even today, THE CULT’s guitarist Billy Duffy, has made an impact on alternative rock with his use of memorable melodic lines, swirling effects and howling feedback.

As early as The Cult’s debut single “Spiritwalker”, Duffy began establishing a distinctive sound. His fusion of punk and rock riffs, intricately connected, inhabited a middle ground between U2’s The Edge and Jimi Hendrix. Duffy’s sound (unique, with a dark, mystic vibe) perfectly complemented Astbury’s cultural eccentricity. With songs like “She Sells Sanctuary”, “The Phoenix”, and “Nirvana” (from their second album, 1985’s critically acclaimed “Love”), Duffy would ultimately be guaranteed a slot as one of alternative rock’s original guitarists.

“My association with Guild goes back to my very first high School Band in the 1970s (Four Way Street) when the drummer Rob Allman had one. He was a bit of a folk music fan and he bought a six string Guild acoustic which was fabulous. It was inexpensive but a really well made American guitar. I used to have one of these jumbo twelve string acoustics but like many of my guitars I either sold it or traded it. You can hear it quite a lot on the song ‘White’ on The Cult’s ‘Ceremony’ album, as well as a bit on some of the other songs like ‘Heart of Soul’. There’s even a picture of me with it on the cover of album as I had it with me for the photo shoot.” – Billy Duffy, 2013


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