The Lords of Altamont

Dani Sindaco of The Lords of Altamont

In late 1999, Jake “The Preacher” Cavaliere and Johnny “Stiggs” Devilla (whose mutual musical pedigree includes The Fuzztones and The Bomboras, The Finks, The No-Counts, and the The Morlocks) created The Lords Of Altamont out of Los Angeles, California.

The Lords of Altamont became something of a global underground phenomenon. Despite numerous personnel changes the flow of albums and singles – as well as tons of touring – the band thrived throughout the early 2000s. Lords Take Altamont, the band’s new album, reinforces just why their fuel injected, fuzzed-out overdrive has garnered them such a diehard fanbase.  Jake, along with Dani Sin (guitar), Rob “Garbage Man” Zim (bass) and Harry “Full Tilt” Drumdini (drums) celebrate the band’s 15th Anniversary on this special release with guest appearances by almost a dozen former members.


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