charlie apicella

New York City based jazz guitarist Charlie Apicella is the founder of IRON CITY.  He is a ZT Amplifiers Official Artist and a ZOHO Music recording artist.

 His love of Guild Guitars began in high school when he acquired a 1977 Starfire IV; this is the guitar he had signed by his idol BB King.  Charlie now favors the Guild Aristocrat.  “My initial reaction to playing this guitar was pure joy.  It is very well balanced in my hands for such a small guitar, as I usually play archtop guitars.  The pickups are powerful and smooth in all registers and this guitar has a ton of different sounds I can call upon.  I am in love with the classic look and the craftsmanship is flawless.”

 What Others Have to Say About Charlie

“Apicella is a lithe, swinging guitarist with an affinity for the contrasting styles of both Grant Green and Wes Montgomery…An all-around impressive debut by a guitarist of substance.” – MARK GARDNER, Jazz Journal

”Apicella is a no-nonsense player of unquestioned chops and whose soul drips from each note… This is “organic” music, and Apicella is an exciting young player…Apicella immediately brings to mind Grant Green. He’s funky, he’s bluesy, and he’s not afraid to get dirty at times. The perfect illustration of how great this band is together is Charlie’s “64 Cadillac.” Apicella and band have that perfect jazz rapport that allows them to be tight as hell and play off each other beautifully.” –  JOHN HEIDT, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Apicella’s playing shines…[he] is aware of the straight-ahead tradition, showcasing his Wes Montgomery influence…Apicella’s guitar sound is bright and clean, and easily cuts through the huge sound of the organ.”  – TIM FISCHER, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine